Ste. Marie Children’s Ministry



First Communion and Reconciliation

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist – Both of these Sacraments are typically received in the second grade.  Children enrolled in the Families Formed in Christ Family Based Catechetical Program, attending Catholic Schools or who are in a Home School program and who have had at least one full year of religious education prior to entering the second grade will be prepared for these sacraments.

Students in Families Formed in Christ will automatically be enrolled and parents given all the materials and information though the FFC program.

If your child is enrolled in a Catholic School or is being Home Schooled academically, you must contact us by calling the Office of Children & Youth Ministry at 624-1509 or email us at so we can assist you in enrolling for these sacraments.

If your child is beyond the second grade and has not received these sacraments, please notify the Director of Children’s Ministry so that arrangements can be made for preparation of these sacraments.

A reminder to all parents - a “Fresh” copy of your child's baptism certificate is required in order to receive any sacraments.  Therefore, please contact the church of your child's baptism to request a new copy of the certificate and turn that in to our office.