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        Listed below are some opportunities to serve in Family Formation. Please indicate where you would consider serving. (Please indicate who the person is responding by giving names in the box below.)

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    Please Read AND Sign the FFC Program Commitment.  Thank You! 

    The statement highlighted in yellow does not apply to families registering ONLY a Confirmation student.  
    IT IS, however, for families registering multiple children in grades K-8 who may also have a confirmation student.
    • I (we) make the commitment, as a family, to fully participate in the Families Formed in Christ Catechetical Program for the 2017/2018 (September thru May) by faithfully attending the once a month Tuesday Adult Meeting from 7-9pm and the once a month Saturday Family Community Meeting from 4-7:15pm. 
    For families with children in grades K-8 - A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration and will be applied toward the total cost of the program of $90 per family per year. 
    **For those registering ONLY a Confirmation student, the $50 deposit does not apply.  Your fee is $40 for the year.**
    If you have multiple children that include a child preparing for Confirmation and/or F. Reconciliation/F. Communion - please note the following:
    • There is a SACRAMENTAL PREP FEE for Confirmation and F. Reconciliation/F. Communion for each child of $40 that covers the additional costs of retreats, books and professional photography.   This fee will be IN ADDITION TO the $90 annual FFC Registration Fee.

    We never turn a family away due to financial difficulties.  Please contact our office anytime at (603) 624-1509 to discuss your situation and make suitable arrangements. We thank you for allowing us to serve your family with confidentiality, respect and honor in this delicate matter.


    After Signing the form, return to the top of the page and in the green bar, click INFORMATION to use PayPal or get check information to pay the Non-Refunadable $50 deposit.  Thank you!

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