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    Our primary goal is to assist all parents in being as successful as possible in handing on the Faith.  By signing this form, you agree to make a serious commitment to attend the scheduled activities of this program.   You also agree to contact our office in regard to any absences so that we may asist you in staying current with lesson materials. 


    For families with children in grades K-8 - A $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration and will be applied toward the total cost of the program of $95 per family per year.


    We never turn a family away due to financial difficulties.  Please contact our office anytime at (603) 624-1509 to discuss your situation and make suitable arrangements. We thank you for allowing us to serve your family with confidentiality, respect and honor in this delicate matter.


    Please CLICK HERE to use PayPal to make your $50 deposit.  You will also find info on the link regarding payment by check.  Thank you!